Business derictory

1 day ago. In December 2017, CompTIA research took a look at how channel firms self-assess their current state of operational efficiency, asking respondents where they see areas of success and challenges, and what actions they are or will be taking to shore up their businesses. As a baseline, the majority of respondents in the study reported undergoing a moderate or high degree of business transformation, which likely includes transitioning to a recurring revenue model such as managed services, specializing in a vertical industry or other niche, or becoming a business consultant focused on helping customers adapt to the digital economy.

A second way to approach emerging technology is to determine the desired objective that can be achieved using one or more different tools. For example, the complexity of IT infrastructure and demands for timely results drive a need for automation. Automation is not something that is purchased as a standalone item; instead, a company might employ IoT devices, artificial intelligence, and data analysis to automate certain functions. By focusing on the end goal rather than the discrete technologies, it can be easier to determine which pieces provide the most value.

Industry Insights. The global wearable technology market size was valued at over USD 18 billion in 2014, owing to rapid adoption worldwide. Increasing consumer awareness and rising technically sound population is also anticipated to drive demand over the forecast period.

Connected electronics is a huge sector of the technology industry; Counterpoint Research has developed a range of techniques to help clients understand the size and scope of the connected electronics market, how fast it’s changing and who the key players are.